M.S. Thesis Presentation by Shelley Chen
Friday, July 30, 1999

(Dr. William Black, advisor)

"Programs for Calculating High Temperature Ampacity and Sag for Overhead Electrical Conductors"


Power companies are attempting to maximize the amount of current transmitted through overhead electrical conductors in an effort to meet the increased demand for power.  The amount of current that can flow through these conductors is limited because elevated temperatures that result from resistive heating accelerate the deterioration of the conductors' mechanical properties and reduce their life span.  If the maximum allowable current is exceeded, the conductor anneals and its ultimate tensile strength is reduced.  These factors increase the sag of the conductor and reduce ground clearances.

A computer program called DYNAMP has been used by power companies to predict the temperature of the conductors for specified weather and loading conditions.  The purpose of this thesis is to extend DYNAMP to operate at higher conductor temperatures.  The results will be verified by comparing the program's predictions with experimentally measured data.  An existing sag-tension program will be appended to DYNAMP to allow users to simultaneously calculate the sag and tension in the line for a known line current.  The improved and expanded code will allow engineers to more accurately predict the maximum amount of power that can be transmitted through overhead electrical conductors.