M.S. Thesis Presentation by Daniel F. Brown Jr.
Monday, April 7, 2003

(Dr. Christopher Lynch, advisor)

"Single Crystal Piezoelectric Pumping Using Displacement Amplification"


The focus of the work being presented is the development of high power single crystal piezoelectric pumping technology to incorporate into the wing structure of aircraft. The increased strain achieved in single crystal material allows for size and weight reduction in conventional piezohydraulic pumping devices. Several aspects of the pump system were considered including displacement amplification techniques, single crystal characteristics, active valving, cylinder head design, and scalability. A working high power piezohydraulic pump driven by conventional piezoelectric stack actuators was evaluated. A redesign of the cylinder head and pump body were performed to incorporate the use of a diaphragm pumping mechanism as opposed to the existing piston configuration. Several devices were designed and built to amplify the displacement of the piezoelectric stack actuators. The projected pump size, weight, and performance were evaluated to indicate the scalability upon introduction of single crystal stack actuators.