M.S. Thesis Presentation by Anneil Basnandan
Monday, March 31, 2003

(Dr. Harvey Lipkin and Mary Lynn Realff, co-advisors)

"The Characterization of Woven Fabrics Used for Primary Carpet Backings"


Imaging systems have been used to characterize the woven fabrics used for primary carpet backings. Since the purpose of the woven fabric is to hold the tuft, the face yarn, in place, studying the tufting process will provide the necessary understanding of the primary backing’s interaction with the tufting machine. The role of speed will be examined to determine if there is a difference between fast and slow tufting processes. The relationship between the woven yarns and the needles as well as the presence of face yarns within the needles will be discussed. Video capturing the tufting process will be presented and analyzed, and mendability, the ability of the backing to return to its initial state after needle insertion, will be tested and quantified on various primary carpet backings.