Ph.D. Proposal Presentation by Hany A. Al-Ansary

(Dr. S. M. Ghiaasiaan, advisor)

"Investigation and Improvement of Ejector-Driven Heating and Refrigerating Systems"


Ejector-Driven Heating and Refrigerating (EDHR) systems have the potential for being superior to other HVAC systems in terms of capital cost and maintenance. Since such systems are fluid driven and, thus, do not have moving mechanical parts, they are virtually maintenance-free. There has been extensive research in the area of ejector theory since the late 1930s and researchers have been able to develop design recommendations that can increase the efficiency of ejectors. However, ejectors have the inherent problem of momentum mismatch between the primary and secondary flows. The primary flow is typically a high speed compressible flow, while the secondary flow is practically stagnant. Such differences in velocity and, thus, momentum between the two flows result in a highly irreversible mixing process of the two flows and the ejector efficiency will consequently be low.

One solution to this problem is to introduce a non-volatile fluid to the primary flow in the form of droplets. By doing so, the velocity of the primary flow will decrease and, as a result, the momentum mismatch will also decrease.

The goal of this research is to analyze the entire EDHR system using this idea and make design recommendations. It is hoped that the results will show a significant improvement in the performance of EDHR systems which can be successfully implemented on an industrial level.