The Design Sequence within the Woodruff School is run successfully thanks to a unique collaboration between faculty, staff, students, alumni, and sponsors. Faculty members teach and mentor student teams, staff provides administrative assistance, training and consulting, students run the Invention Studio facilities, alumni mentor and coach student teams, and Industry sponsors provide funding to support the program infrastructure. Our mission is to provide real-world learning opportunities through hands-on problem based collective learning.  To learn more about the Design Sequence, please contact Amit Jariwala, Director of Design & Innovation.


Undergraduate Courses:

Advanced Undgraduate and Graduate Courses:

Interdisciplinary Courses:


  • Mason Hollandbeck, financial administrator and coordinator for Capstone Design Expo
  • Clint Rinehart, provides consulting to students for wood, plastic and metal processing, runs 3D printers and maintains the design studios
  • Steven Sheffield, provides consulting to students for machining
  • Sterling Skinner, provides consulting to students for instrumentation/mechatronics


The Invention Studio is a collective of students who believe in the value of hands-on education. Their mission is twofold:

  • To provide students the resources they need to design and fabricate in a collaborative environment
  • To educate the Georgia Tech community on fabrication with open, student taught classes and events

Get involved!


Become a mentor to future graduates by participating in our Design Sequence. For more details on how you can give back with your time, please contact Amit Jariwala.