Petrovic Elected Member of Croatian Academy of Engineering

Dr. Bojan PetrovicDr. Bojan PetrovicNuclear and Radiological Engineering Professor Dr. Bojan Petrovic was elected International Member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ). 

HATZ, which in Croatian stands for the Academy of Technical Sciences, is a member of the CAETS (International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, which also includes the US National Academy of Engineering), as well as the European Euro-CASE. International Members of HATZ are required to meet the election criteria for Full Members and also be internationally recognized. The fourteen Departments of HATZ are limited to electing two International Members each; currently, there are 13 International Members out of the maximum 28.

Dr. Petrovic has been elected to the Department of Power Systems, recognizing his contribution to the development of innovative nuclear power systems with enhanced inherent safety. International Members are expected to promote international collaboration in the engineering discipline of their expertise. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Petrovic has developed a successful collaboration between Croatian researchers from the University of Zagreb and Georgia Tech, synergistically combining their expertise. This has resulted in several joint proposals and awarded research projects related to development of advanced nuclear power concepts. Dr. Petrovic has been invited to give a plenary talk on the Role of Nuclear Power in Sustainable Development to the members of HATZ in May 2018.