Introducing ARC

Automation, Robotics and Control

Automation and Mechatronics, one of twelve Research Area Groups in the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, has made the decision to change it's name to further support the group's vision, mission and strategy.

"The Automation and Mechatronics (A&M) Research Area Group is proud to announce the change of its RAG name to Automation, Robotics and Control (ARC). The RAG has a long history of conducting world-class research in system dynamics, machine design, and controls for advanced mechatronics and automation systems," says Dr. Jun Ueda, ARC's Research Area Group Chair. "Recently Robotics has become the RAG's focal area of research, particularly with the addition of the new faculty with robotics expertise. ARC faculty members are working closely with the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM). We hope that the new RAG name represents our faculty's contribution to this exciting field more precisely."

Research in the Automation, Robotics and Control area varies from fundamental research in control theory to the conception, design, and prototype evaluation of innovative mechatronics systems and applications to automation. Research in mechatronics focuses on the fusion of mechanical and electrical disciplines in modern engineering processes, aimed at achieving a cost-effective, optimal balance between mechanical structure and their overall control. Research topics include active and passive damping, adaptive learning and robust control of systems with uncertainty, automated manufacturing and demanufacturing, fuzzy and neural networks for control and identification, precision engineering and motion control, multimedia technology, intelligent sensors and acutators, vision-based motion control, and teleoperation.